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What kind of teacher do I want to be? My teaching philosophy:

The kind that engages my students. How can I do this? Using the technologies my students are already engaging with, on a daily basis, outside my classroom. Bringing it inside my classroom. Directing the technology in education is different from technology directing education. I want to utilise the digital resources that are currently available and learn the new technologies as they unfold. I will learn with my students. And help them to teach themselves. And each other – peer to peer learning. The facilitation of learning rather than information transmission. Not filling an empty vessel but helping them lift off the lid to discover what is waiting inside. Employing social discourses through a variety of mediums – face to face, wikis, blogs, emails, nings, – in order to construct new knowledge that is relevant to the world of a 21st Century learner – a ‘digitalised social constructivist’ pedagogy.


First blog, first post, first year of pre-service teaching

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome! The main purpose of this blog is to record my first year of pre-service teaching, including reflections, experiences and study observations. It is also a requirement of my Graduate Diploma of Education in Secondary Studies. (Disclaimer :  we didn’t have to start a blog, there are other methods of delivering assessments).

I have been an avid reader of blogs for a few years now. This eventuated from some spatial considerations in my abode – it just couldn’t tolerate another home design magazine. And my spouse. He also could not tolerate another design magazine.  There might have been environmental studies conducted on my never ending desire for next month’s issue. However, starting my own blog was not a serious consideration. I could not imagine that I had anything to say.

Initially, this blog was intended for my assessment purposes only, but the immensity of this journey seems worthy of record. Whether it is worthy of public record, remains to be seen! Nevertheless, I believe it will be a valuable tool in finding my voice as an educator. It seems to me that teaching is a multi-sensory practice, every student learns differently –  by listening, by reading, by participating. I hope to master the art of catering to individual students. But first, I need to find my voice, my philosophy, my pedagogy, my practice. And I hope this blog can facilitate that journey.

I will sign off with a shout out to my professional colleagues sitting over there in my blog roll. I hope we can maintain our budding network in the future and help each other along this path to life long learning and teaching. Keep your hands and arms in the vehicle at all times. Here we go!